Most tragically misinterpteted statement of all times

"This is a story that recently unfolded: While meeting with two friends of mine I hadn't seen for long, following conversation ensued.

Said the one of them: "Oh, I really don't know what happened to me lately? My whole life seems to be going down the drain, all kinds of different things going wrong at the same time. But all that I had done was following exactly your good advices, but in the end things did not turn out the way you had suggested..."

Said the other one, thus addressed by a friend: "Well, brother, I think you simply haven't set your priorities correct. That is the point where you must have gone wrong. You have started all your operations from the pony's tail end, therefore everything was doomed to failure from the beginning.."

As I felt the discussion might have easily lead to an unhealthy brawl between the two of them, with the one being quite disenchanted over the other, I took up the word, in favor of both of them, speaking to them thus:

"I, Isa, for one, instead of diverting all the while to all kinds of different projects located on opposite lanes, I for one rather concentrate on keeping to exactly one line of actions, - and mine is the preaching -, thereby making a straight way out of this life given by God unto me, a way whereon i will not have to resort to lies as others do, but it will rather bring out the truth of our human life: Thus mine is a way where one can safely tread on, whereon there is nothing to fear. Whereas yours is just a maze of vagueries. But nothing to worry, friends, easily yours, too, can be the same as mine. All we'll have to do is find the way of our lives..."

THEY, my friends then, had understood what I meant to say, and consecutively they were at peace again with themselves, with each other and the world.

But many many others would not grasp me correctly in what I am saying. Do YOU?"

I AM THE WAY, I AM LIFE, I AM THE TRUTH - the most tragically misinterpreted quintessential statement through all times. That sadly led to this tragical christocentromania amongst followers of Jesus Christ, with all its unholy outcroppings of hatred, and what more worse....next to all the good it eventually had done...

Linguistical observation:
In ancient tongues, instead of using the commonplace 'you' as in modern English to speak in lieu of all, one for reasons of courtesy, preferred to use the self-referential first person when generalizing personal statements, such as when one would be saying 'I'll it do it that way' meaning to say 'One does it that way'.

(Ought I to tweet this to the Pope, ought one to)

So as from neutral and unemotional grounds to be lending a mouthpiece for that Nazarene wandering preacher Isa of yesteryears, after whom by the name of Jesus the world had started to have their years counted, and countless churches built up, from 0 onwards up to now,... to be hearing now in the autumn of 2013 once more the old story in new words, the enchanting words of that wonderful soul, this time in the setting of a meeting of his with an empathetic group of family folks, with Isa speaking to them with a babe on his lap.

Me myself, I am no specific friend of Jesus', in as far my neutrality guaranteed, simply because I live in a different place as our Isa in question (and time zone for that matter), but I am likewise some sort of a preacher man, and therefore do regard him as a brotherly spirit, inasmuch there also is a best of communicational level between the two of us; (not on facebook, though, that fb app hasn't come out yet :-)
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